DefenderShield cases block virtually all EMF radiation emitted by cell phones and other electronics with their handcrafted cases, all proudly designed in the USA and made with non-toxic materials.

Founder Story

Several years ago, founder Daniel T. DeBaun and his wife had their sons over during the holidays. Like many employees nowadays, their sons were working remotely for a few days, typing away at laptops placed in their laps for hours at a time. A couple of days in, Daniel's wife remarked, "That can't be good for you!" and the comment stuck with Daniel.

Daniel, an engineer with a background in telecommunications, started to look into the effects of electromagnetic radiation. Concerned, he decided to find a way to block electromagnetic radiation emitted from laptops and cell phones, wanting to keep his family safe. Once he created the solution, he decided to extend that safety to everyone else, and DefenderShield was born.

Green Story

DefenderShield products are designed in the USA and handcrafted using only the highest quality, non-toxic materials.