Meet the greenest stroller on planet earth, which merges safety and sustainability with smart Dutch design.

Founder Story

Before starting Greentom, founder Bart Bost had spent over 25 years working on product design and production in the kid and baby space — but as he became more aware of environmental issues, he became increasingly unhappy with the impact those products often left on our environment. So in 2008, he started drawing his very first sketches for an entirely green stroller: one that merged beautiful design and great function with a positive impact on planet earth.

By 2013, Bart and the small Greentom team had already started collecting awards for their innovative approach to strolling — and their sustainable, safe, beautiful products are only gaining popularity around the world.

Green Story

There's a reason Greentom is called the greenest stroller on planet earth. First of all, Greentom strollers are produced using a modular design, which means that consumers can safely and stylishly transport their little ones from birth to preschool without having to buy multiple products. It's minimalism at its finest.

Greentom strollers are also made out of recycled (and recyclable) plastics, from their frames to their fabrics (which keep up to 74 plastic bottles out of landfills, depending on the stroller model). All Greentom products are also made out of safe, high quality post-consumer plastic, meaning they're BPA-, PVC-, and phthalate-free.

Other materials used in Greentom production include all-organic wool from ethically raised sheep, meaning a safe sleep for babies, a happy life for sheep, and a lower impact on our planet.