The finest quality raw organic coconut oil. For each item sold, a coconut palm tree is planted.

Founder Story

Kapuluan was founded after Will Lauder was traveling through the Philippines and experienced the mass destruction to coconut palm trees from Super Typhoon Haiyan. He wanted to make a significant impact on the coconut farmers lives who had lost so much in the wake of Super Typhoon Haiyan. The farmers took Will in and shared with him everything they had during the most difficult time anyone could imagine. As he got to know them and their world, he knew that planting trees and providing a few extra jobs would be great, but it wouldn’t create the type of change needed to sustain their livelihood. So he found a method of hand making the finest quality raw coconut oil in rural communities. The final product produced by the farmers themselves.

Green Story

The production of Kapuluan doesn’t use any fuels or other resources and can be implemented into rural communities without affecting the culture. All parts of the coconut can be used, and since it’s a manual process and coconut trees produce coconuts, the production is environmentally sustainable with no negative impact. Through implementation of a One For One tree planting program, a ‘zero-waste’ system, and working in partnership with local communities, we can help create a better way by simply making more effective use of an existing renewable resource. Handmade by farmers for people who care about people. And who care about our planet.