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100% natural, organic skincare, deodorant, and soap — all sustainably crafted on a solar-powered, free-range family farm. Nourish everything from head to toe with rich goat’s milk, luxurious essential oils, and other gentle, all-natural ingredients.

Founder Story

In early 2012, after one too many years of city living, Little Seed Farm co-founders and husband-and-wife duo James and Eileen Ray moved from New York City to their farm in rural Tennessee. They wanted to bring the world humanely and sustainably produced soap and skincare, encouraging other small businesses to embrace land stewardship and sustainable production processes. Today, they continue to operate Little Seed Farm as a force for good while they raise their growing family (and burgeoning business) on their humane, natural family farm.

Green Story

Little Seed Farm endeavours to create a business and farming model based on true sustainability. The farm is 100% solar-powered, and the Little Seed Farm team works hard to minimize waste and operate in line with the full cycle of nature. Animals are provided with a humane and natural environment, with goats grazing on rich pastures.

Little Seed Farm products are all chemical-free, safe, and nourishing, and products are all sustainably packaged in eco-friendly and recyclable packaging.