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Luxurious feel and centuries-old tradition meet modern-day eco-consciousness in these 100% cotton Turkish towels. Lightweight, compact, and quick-drying, these sustainably sourced towels are the perfect addition to any adventure.

Founder Story

When founder Anna Sell and her husband had their first child, Anna found herself wanting a more versatile, all-in-one product to use with her small family. She wanted a single, light towel that she could take with her everywhere — something light enough to shade her baby’s stroller on sunny walks, substantial enough to use as a picnic blanket or to towel off at the beach, and small enough to throw in her bag.

Having encountered Turkish towels during her time in Germany, Anna knew she had the opportunity to bring multi-purpose Turkish towels to North America, and the chance to make them both fashionable and sustainable. And so Lualoha was born.

Green Story

Lualoha make their premium Turkish towels out of either 100% Turkish cotton or 50% Turkish cotton and 50% Turkish bamboo. All materials are grown sustainably in Turkey, and the towels come in minimal packaging to help cut down on waste.

Lualoha’s multi-purpose usage helps cut down on the need for more products, and their lightweight, compact build means that they can be thrown in the washing machine with other laundry easily, rather than having to set aside a full wash for towels alone, helping conserve water.