Matter Company embraces a holistic approach to personal care which recognizes the relationship between the natural environment and our physical and emotional well being.

Founder Story

Matter Company began with the simple intention of working with the healing ways of plants. Building upon a degree in environmental studies and an apprenticeship in therapeutic herbalism, founder Denise Williams first started whipping up skin salves in her kitchen over 20 years ago, using all-natural ingredients and no chemicals. Friends and family fell in love with Denise's creations, and in 1996, Matter Company was born. 

Denise's extensive experience growing, wild crafting, harvesting, and formulating herbal preparations has resulted in an intimate understanding of the medicinal power of herbs. It is an understanding which recognizes the ability of herbs to not only heal us physically, but to nourish our mind and spirit as well.

Green Story

Matter's skincare formulas are cooked in small batches for 24 hours to extract the herbs’ beneficial properties at Denise's studio in Toronto’s west end. “It’s the traditional method of extracting and they’re made in small batches,” says Denise. “With herbs, you’re using the whole plant, so you have the benefits of the whole plant and all of the different vitamins and minerals.”

Matter's ingredients are all selected for their therapeutic, multipurpose value, and formulas are made using original recipes and traditional processes. Most of Matter Company's products are handmade and ingredients are often wildcrafted or sourced from local community gardens.